Photo by Vero

Martin Rixe Art


My creations are a reflection of a mystical quest to access the unknown. My life is multidimensional, multilingual, non-linear, colorful, heart-centered, and so is my art. I create new images inspired by my journey and superpose all aspects of what life can offer. I have a deep connection with plants and the environment.

 The magical experience of living in the vast landscape of New Mexico fuels my creative fire. What emerges comes like a burst, a flame, a volcano, sometimes even like thunder, or the flow of a river. From France to America, simple to complex sacred geometry, reality to mysticism, known to unknown, I invite you to open your heart and travel on your own personal journey through my paintings.

Recently, my biggest drive has been the plant world and its relationship with humans. I like to call it organic transcendentalism. This communion offers information, messages, and keys on how I contribute to my/our journey, our quest, our flow, our wave, our vibration, our cosmic wiggle.




I was born in France in 1993. My childhood was spent biking in fields and along the wiggles of the Seine and Marne rivers. I also loved illusions, imagination and practicing magic tricks privately in my room. I moved to the USA in 2007. I have lived in Washington DC, Cincinnati OH, Augusta GA, Brooklyn NY and now in Santa Fe NM. Since moving to the USA, I met an incredible amount of diverse people. Thankfully to the American education, I was directed toward a creative visual path. I found mentors and received a BFA at Pratt Institute in 2015. At the moment I travel a lot between France Peru and the USA. However all this traveling, my everyday choices always gravitate toward sustainability and positive impact on our earth.