Planting a tent at Unify Fest Sept 22-25

Hello followers and art lovers,

I am proud to announce to you that I will be part of the the Unify Fest happening this September 22nd to the 25th here in Santa Fe. To be more specific, the festival will take place at El Rancho in the beautiful historical little town of Las Golondrinas. 

I am so excited to be part of this experience!!! it's incredible how it just came under a synchronous flow. I had been calling out to the "field" for a gathering where i could share and experience with others what i love doing. This fest is the perfect manifest! right in my backyard is a unifying experience with such a transformational direction not only for all the individuals attending but i believe for society. I love this merging of such beautiful spiritual and peaceful people, artists musicians, speakers, yogis and whatever label we can put on their multidimensional souls. It is promising to be a celebration of life!

Also, I had the incredible chance to be part of setting the grounds for the fest during this past summer solstice ceremony. With the beautiful organizators and some attendees, we cleared, set, and opened the energies for the event. it was incredibly cosmic!!!! and words will not do justice to what happened there but if you come to unify i'll try to explain with sound and corporal language to you but i'm sure you'll feel yourself the incredible energies!!!!

Hope to see you by my wiggle tent! I'll be live painting too :)

Love you so much!