Timelapse painting

Hello everyone,

This past month, I have been working really hard on improving my paintings. The way i found is to make quick little day studies of oil on paper. This helps me figure out my colors really well and see the whole composition at once. And most importantly it helps me not feel pressured to make a good painting. 

Two weeks ago I was working on grids and found out a way to fractalize my rectangle from the center. I love the way it creates depth, symmetry and a focal point . It is related to mandalas in many ways. 

Below is a picture of the first oil on paper fractal grid i did:

In this composition, the grid is constant. My usual personal touch adding the wiggle in the grid helps free up in the verticals and horizontals, and creates a positive and negative within the grid. with the play of positive and negative, the colors are many and "free", in a way that I cannot get away from my educational background and the rules of basic color theories such as my complementaries, triad and such.

Coming out of the study, I wanted to do a time-lapse video showing my work in 4d. I used the same grid and similar colors on a big canvas 40x56inches. I snapped a shot after every color laid down. This is a raw first video but i will make a videoclip in the near future. stay in touch to see what i make out of it.